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What's Happening Inside

Ms. Miller's class recently celebrated Auggie's birthday!
Auggie, the character from the book and movie Wonder, is a boy that was born with extreme facial abnormalities but has a powerful outlook on life. The sixth grade class just completed reading the book and celebrated Auggie's birthday with a carry-in from students and watching the movie. 

‚ÄčWatching WonderLook at the food Enjoyting the movie


Mrs. Norem's class: Students worked together to analyze how a character changes from the beginning to the end of a story. They also identified how internal and external forces influence that change.

Students WorkingStudents workingStudents working


Mrs. Allport's class: Students worked on creating rockets.


Mrs. White's class: In Maker Space (STEM) students have been busy creating designs, drawing plans, and building.

DesigningStudents Building