What's Happening

What's Happening Inside
Mrs. Selmer's 5th Grade class read various novels. As part of their understanding of their readings, Mrs. Selmer challenged the students to create their own book cover out of cereal boxes.

Book Cover

Book CoversBook Cover

Mrs. White's STEM class has been updating the chairs for the Family and Consumer Sciences class!! They took off the old material and replaced the cushions and gave the chairs a new
updated look!

Updating ChairsReupholsteringWorking hard

Ms. Miller's class recently celebrated Auggie's birthday!
Auggie, the character from the book and movie Wonder, is a boy that was born with extreme facial abnormalities but has a powerful outlook on life. The sixth grade class just completed reading the book and celebrated Auggie's birthday with a carry-in from students and watching the movie. 

Watching WonderLook at the food Enjoyting the movie


Mrs. Norem's class: Students worked together to analyze how a character changes from the beginning to the end of a story. They also identified how internal and external forces influence that change.

Students WorkingStudents workingStudents working


Mrs. Allport's class: Students worked on creating rockets.


Mrs. White's class: In Maker Space (STEM) students have been busy creating designs, drawing plans, and building.

DesigningStudents Building