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Why Summer Reading

Summer Reading is important for so many reasons:

Reading over the summer months prevents the "summer slump" or "summer slide" where students loose ground in their reading skills over the summer months.

The more students read, the easier it becomes, the faster they are able to read, and the more they comprehend.

Reading builds vocabulary.

Provides exercise for the mind and exercise builds up muscles - including the brain

It builds better writing skills because students are exposed to a wide variety of "good" writing.

People who do not read have no advantage over those people who cannot read

Summer Reading actively engages the mind so it will be sharp when school starts in the fall.  Students won't need to "catch up" in the fall.

It encourages students to read other types of materials: books, magazines, newspapers, manuals, etc.

Reading expands students horizons - allowing them to: go places they might never see, experience time periods in which they will not live, meet people they would not get to meet in real life, live through situations they would never want to really encounter.

Can read an AR book over the summer (one that hasn't been read before) and then quickly reread it again before taking the AR test.  Rereading has the advantage of better comprehension and getting more details that were missed the first time through - just like viewing a movie the second time, things are seen that were missed the first time.

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Why Summer Reading Programs are Important

Importance of Summer Reading

More Importance of Summer Reading

Summer Reading at the Library

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No book

If students lost their book, didn't get a book, thought they were moving and didn't (so don't have a book), or are new to the corporation, don't panic. 

The assignment can still be done.
go to KMS QuizList
search and choose a book from the KMS QuizList list
- these are all books that have AR tests at KMS
write the assignment from the choosen book
Students who do not return their book or return a damaged book are charged a flat rate of $5.00 for the replacement of the book or they can purchase a replacement copy of that book and give it to the Librarian

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In May students will
choose a Summer Reading book in their Reading Range
check-out the book they have chosen
pick up an assignment sheet
In June and July students will
read their book
complete the assignment sheet

In August students will
return the book
return the assignment sheet - all filled out

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Summer Reading/Writing Assignment

Write three paragraphs about the book that was read
can either be neatly hand-written or typed
write in complete sentences
use correct:
Do NOT Plagiarize

1st Paragraph
summarize what happened in the book - in your own words

2nd Paragraph
choose a character that was best liked
tell why he/she/it is the favorite character

3rd Paragraph
evaluate the book - what is good or bad about the book
explain why the book should be or should not be recommended to other readers
When school starts in the fall
turn in the written assignment to the new Language Arts teacher
turn in the book to the new Language Arts teacher or Librarian
take an AR test on the book
The writing assignment is part of the Language Arts grade for the first grading period.  It is worth 100 points.  The AR test also counts toward the first grading period grade.

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