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Phone - (574) 772-1654
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Mr. Joshua Pugh
(574) 772-1654

Mrs. Michelle Tarnow
Assistant Principal
(574) 772-1654

Ms Sonia Hensley
Guidance Counselor
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Knox Middle School

2015-2016 Supply List





24 Pencils, 1 package of cap erasers and 2 block erasers

Colored Pencils for Science and Social Studies

4 Three ring one inch binders with pockets for 
 Language Arts, Science, Math and Social Studies (Little's only)

1 70-sheet notebooks for Social Studies (Boger's only)

1 package Highlighters for Math

1 Scientific Calculatior for Math (Model TI-30 XIIS)

1 Three-Prong Folder with 2 pockets (vinyl/plastic suggested) for Advisory

1 package of 5 tab dividers for Language Arts

1 package of wide rules loose leaf paper

2 boxes of Kleenexes

PE Clothes (change of shirt and shorts) and Sneakers-Every Day ( only if taking PE)


4 Folders (One per class – Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies)

1 One-Subject Notebooks for Science

Loose Leaf Paper (Enough for the school year for all classes)

5 Red Pens

5 Blue or Black Pens

2 Glue Sticks for Science

Pencils for the year (if choosing mechanical, don’t forget the lead) for all classes! Pencils only in Math!

Binders or Trapper Keepers are suggested for organization

1 Scientific Calculatior for Math (Model TI-30 XIIS)

1 Three-Prong Folder with 2 pockets (vinyl/plastic suggested for Advisory)

2 boxes of Kleenexes for Advisory

PE Clothes (change of shirt and shorts) and Sneakers (only if taking PE)

Regular 7th grade Math Class only - 1 One-inch binder with pockets and clear page protector on the front, highlighters and colored pencils


Supply of clean edge notebook paper for the school year (not in a spiral)

2 Boxes of Pencils, Erasers, and one-subject notebook for Math

4 Black Pens Ball Point or Gel

1 Scientific Calculatior for Math (Model TI-30 XIIS)

1 Two-Pocket Folder,  Colored Pencils or Colored Markers, and 1 glue stick for Science

1 Five subject notebook with pockets, and a small package of colored printer paper for Language Arts

1 Three-Prong Folder with 2 pockets (vinyl/plastic suggested) for Advisory

1 Two-pocket folder for Social Studies

1 Two-pocket folder for Careers/FACS

1 Tablet of paper for Careers/FACS

Binders or Trapper Keepers are suggested for organization

2 boxes of Kleenexes for Advisory

KMS news-May 22

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KCSC Mission, Vision & Beliefs

Mission Statement
Whatever it takes, Knox students are worth it!

Vision Statement

Knox Schools are schools of choice where all students learn in a comprehensive, rigorous, and technologically current educational environment.  Student-centered programs develop leadership skills and the individual interests of the students.  Students are supported by personnel with high expectations and integrity.

Effective communication, positive interactions, and transparent, fiscally responsible decisions form a relationship of trust and respect between the school and community.  Prioritizing and maintaining a safe, productive learning environment make Knox Schools a source of pride in the community.

Belief Statements

 Knox Community Schools Believe:

    • All students can and will learn.
    • All students will receive a quality education that challenges them to reach their maximum potential.
    • The curriculum will be comprehensive, rigorous, and relevant for all students.
    • All personnel will promote a vision of high academic achievement.
    • All personnel will be persons of integrity.
    • Effective public relations promote collaboration, accessibility, trustworthiness, and respect between our school and the community.
    • Resources are utilized to create a safe and productive learning and working environment that strengthens our school community.
    • School facilities are maintained to promote a clean, safe, and efficient learning environment.
    • Technology will be utilized to increase student achievement, enrich curriculum, and prepare students for the future.
    • ECAs reinforce lessons learned in the classroom and enhance the educational experiences of our students and create a focus of community pride.




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  • This is a website about current news on hate crimes in Indiana and all over the United States.  In addition, there are tools to download to teach tolerance to our youth.

    Go To:  Southern Poverty Law Center  to find out more....

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